Society for the Preservation
of Japanese Sword Art"

The Nihonto association includes experts and masters of the highest class from all over Ukraine, united by their love for Japanese cold weapons, as a unique example of the artistic, historical and spiritual heritage of mankind, as well as an unchanging symbol of honor and dignity of the individual. Having an exceptionally developed aesthetic attitude to the world and guided by the highest standards of work quality, the team of the association sets its task to preserve and develop the culture of Japanese traditional weapons and blacksmithing skills.

Main types of activities
and NBTHK services

1. Attribution and valuation of swords owned by NBTHK members and issuance of certificates: Hozon Token, Tokubetsu Hozon Token, Juyo Token and Tokubetsu Juyo Token.


2. Holding the annual Shinsyakuto “new swords” exhibition to promote and encourage the production of new swords and traditional forging techniques, with the awarding of Toku-sho, Yushu-sho and Doryoku-sho prizes. All swords that have passed the judges’ selection are exhibited in the Sword Museum. (A similar exhibition is also held in Osaka).


3. Competition for polishing swords and making kosirae (including habaks and siras), with the best works on display at the Sword Museum.


4. Nihonto Tatara (NBTHK’s own smelter): In order to provide swordsmiths with tamahagane steel, which is an indispensable material for forging weapons, the traditional technology of steel smelting in the Tatara furnace has been restored.


5. Training successors to traditional crafts, such as sword polishers, sirasai and habaka makers, horimono heaters.


6. Organizing lecture courses for members of our organization to give them accurate information on sword preservation and to increase knowledge about Japanese swords, with an exhibition of the best Japanese swords for study.


7. Publication of the monthly magazine Token Bijutsu, with reports on research by members of the organization, announcements of NBTHK projects, information on branches, their members and attribution and evaluation of swords.


8. NBTHK includes three organizations: All Japan Swordsmith Society, Art Sword Polishing Technique Preservation Society, and Art Sword Mounting Technique Preservation Society. They play an important role in training master receivers in each of the regions and are subsidized by the government



Gallery of Japanese swords Nihonto


All-Ukrainian Kenjutsu Federation


Public organization "East European Art and Culture Center "LEZO"


Organizers of championships of Ukraine in Tamesigiri


Workshop "Werewolf" from the manufacture of replicas of historical armor and training weapons


Ukrainian Japanese Center


Historical Weapons Research Center

in the organization

Membership in NBTHK -
these are not only advantages,
but also liabilities

Members of the Association, by paying membership fees, contribute to the preservation and development of the traditions of the art of making traditional cold weapons. All members of the organization are obliged to obey the Control Committee at NBTHK and contribute to the activities of the society. By joining the “NBTHK” association, you become part of the general team and undertake to maintain the high reputation of its members and express your orientation to the high moral qualities of each member of the NBTHK association.

Valid membership is granted to persons: | recognizes the Statute of the Association, | those who have paid the relevant membership fee, | does not require recommendations | has full membership rights, | uses all services of members of the Association with relevant discounts, | provides services for members of the Association with maximum discounts.
True membership in society gives its members the opportunity to: • Free consultations • Help in translating signatures and finding information on schools and masters • Making inquiries and communications in Japan • Technical examination of blades • Permanent discount on blade sharpening and service
The cost of membership fees for citizens of Ukraine with the provision of a personal official document of the main division of NBTHK (Japan) is UAH 6,300. (equivalent to $240) per year.


Hleb Kovalev

Head of NGO "Nihonto"
General Director of "Lezo-group" LLC, expert in the assessment of cultural values, Vice-President of the "All-Ukrainian Kenjutsu Federation",
an ICIPS instructor.

Dmytro Horyachkin

Co-founder and honorary member of the association
General director of "Trudolyub" LLC, founder of the "Guild of blacksmiths and cutters of Ukraine", founder and philanthropist
of the annual festival
of blacksmith art in Myrhorod.


Denis Toichkin

senior researcher of the Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, head of the Center for Historical Weapons Research, candidate of historical sciences.

Yurii Shatailo

art critic, expert of the cultural values examination center at the "National Academy of Management Personnel of Culture and the Arts", specialist in law and jurisprudence.

Galina Shevtsova

Doctor of Architecture, Ph.D., professor at Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, researcher at Kyoto University (scientific grant of the Hakuho Foundation), member of the Scientific Association of Architects of Japan, artist, photographer, journalist, master of Japanese calligraphy, translator.

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