“The ancient Shinto religion endowed him with intelligence and will. This is a gift from the gods, which brings harmony to people. It is one of the three sacred regalia of the Japanese emperors. For a warrior and a powerful soul, it is essentially the same: the samurai continues his journey until his blade is intact. The Japanese tradition is a cold recovery not only from the decline of the past, but from the greatest infusion of history and the spirit of its land. Swords don’t just have a soul, they have a special vibration that arises when a border of space breaks into our standard light, where a harmony of beauty and strength is born. Drinking them stops the beating heart and gives the opportunity to touch the perfection of forms, visible in the cold steel, from the moon of great battles.”


Nippon Bijutsu
Token Hozon Kyokai


NBTHK Origami

The Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai, or Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword (NBTHK), is the world’s most respected organization dedicated to the preservation of the art of Japanese bladed weapons. The NBTHK was established with the support of the Japanese government in 1948 to save Japanese swords from destruction after the occupation by the American armed forces. Homma Sensei and Sato Sensei had a lot of work to convince the military authorities that these swords have cultural value not only for Japan, but also for the whole world and they should not be destroyed. Today, as 70 years ago, NBTHK’s primary goal is to preserve the art of Japanese swords, and to educate and educate those interested in the study of historical swords and their design. The headquarters of NBTHK is located in the Museum of Japanese Swords, which is located in the capital of Japan – Tokyo. NBTHK also supports modern craftsmen who carry on traditions that are over a thousand years old. The organization sponsors regular exhibitions as well as annual competitions for contemporary blacksmiths, hardware makers and sword polishers. NBTHK also conducts Shinsu – examination of Japanese swords and frames. Items can be submitted to the Sword Museum for Sinsu to determine the authenticity and artistry of the swords, whether or not they have been signed by the masters. The NBTHK certificate is the most respected and prestigious document of authenticity that a Japanese sword or other bladed weapon can receive.
Headquarters of NBTHK
located in the sword museum
Yoyogi in Tokyo. 1-12-9 Yokonet,
Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0015
tel: 03-6284-1000 fax: 03-6284-1100


NBTNK Ukraine

Hleb Kovalev
head of the association
NBTNK Ukraine
The Nihonto Association includes experts and masters of the highest class from all over Ukraine, united by love for the Japanese cold beast, as a unique reflection of the artistic, historical and spiritual decline of humanity, and also an immutable symbol of honor and worthiness. Having an exceptionally developed aesthetic attitude to the world and guided by the highest standards of work quality, the team of the association sets its task to preserve and develop the culture of Japanese traditional weapons and blacksmithing skills. As full members of the NBTHK, our organization fully supports the promotion of the Japan Society for the Preservation of Sword Art. Activities and services of NBTHK Attribution and valuation of swords owned by NBTHK members and issuance of certificates: Hozon Token, Tokubetsu Hozon Token, Juyo Token and Tokubetsu Juyo Token. Holding the annual exhibition Shinsyakuto. Sword polishing and kosirai making competition. Nihonto Tatar. Training of successors of traditional crafts. Organization of lecture courses for members of our organization. Publication of Token Bijutsu monthly magazine. The NBTHK warehouse includes three organizations: All Japan Swordsmith Society, Art Sword Polishing Technique Preservation Society and Art Sword Mounting Technique Preservation Society ік the mystery of preparation)

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